10 Steps to Residency

  1. Preparation and Planning
  2. USMLE
  3. ECFMG Certification
  4. Research and Clinical Experience
  5. ERAS Application
  6. Personal Statement
  7. The Interview
  8. The Match
  9. Post Interview
  10. Rank Order List

Matching to a residency program in the United States is no easy task for an IMG (international medical graduate). Specialties which were known to be IMG friendly are becoming more competitive, along with matching the most qualified applicants. This guide will cover most questions foreign medical students and graduates have, and how to find the most suitable residency towards what they are looking for. Most students are filled with questions as to how to prepare for the USMLEs, how to complete an ERAS application, what the Match is and how it works, and all the little nitty gritty details of writing a personal statement, interviewing, and making a rank list. I truly hope this guide answers most of your questions and I will try to make it as detailed as possible.

Step 1: Preparation and Planning